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Five Key Reasons for Water Heater Maintenance

If you rely on a water heater, any issues with the system can quickly turn into an emergency. Lack of hot water can disrupt essential daily activities such as laundry, food preparation, and bathing. To prevent potential problems with your water heater, scheduling regular maintenance is essential.

For Longevity

Gas water heaters typically have a lifespan of about eight to 12 years, while electric ones last an average of ten to 15 years. With consistent routine maintenance, water heaters can maintain efficiency even as they near the end of their expected lifespan. Regular maintenance also aids in identifying and addressing potential issues early, prolonging the longevity of the components.

For Water Conservation

When your water heater tank depletes rapidly or struggles to heat water adequately, you might find yourself running the water longer. Although the water eventually warms up, this prolonged process results in unnecessary water consumption. Moreover, leaks from the water tank lead to wastage of clean water that could be put to better use elsewhere.

For Consistency

A well-maintained water heater typically avoids unexpected breakdowns, guaranteeing a reliable hot water supply. Additionally, regular maintenance prevents system issues from escalating into leaks that disrupt water usage.

For Safety

Water heaters operate at scalding temperatures, posing a risk of severe burns. Maintenance services involve a thorough review by experienced professionals of pressure valves, water temperatures, and other system components. This proactive approach significantly lowers the risk of potentially hazardous accidents

For Energy Efficiency

Heater maintenance checks assess the condition and performance of the unit. If it's not functioning efficiently, it could lead to unnecessary expenses on energy and utility bills. Maintenance efforts aim to either restore heaters to optimal performance or ensure they're operating at their highest efficiency.

How Triple Crown Plumbing Became Experts in Water Heaters for Northern Kentucky

At Triple Crown Plumbing, we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional service, surpassing customer expectations by providing efficient solutions to heater issues. While we prioritize promptness, we conduct meticulous quality checks to ensure lasting results. Our goal is to address your needs comprehensively, so you won’t need to seek assistance for the same problem for years to come.

People Also Want to Know

Even if you have a tankless water heater, it still requires yearly maintenance for proper upkeep. While the system does not store anything and provides hot water by heating it quickly, it still uses many different parts. We inspect each part of the system so you can get hot water safely.

While electricity and liquid usually do not mix, you should call a plumber with electric water heater experience. Some plumbers do not work on electric devices, so you should check to ensure they have the necessary skill set. Many plumbers at Triple Crown Plumbing have worked on electric water heaters for many years.

You should replace most water heaters after eight years, but electric water heaters can last about ten years. Replace them earlier if they require constant repairs or fail to provide the amount of hot water your property needs.

Keep Your Water Heater Running Smoothly with Us

At Triple Crown Plumbing, we understand the significance of hot water for homeowners and businesses in Northern Kentucky and nearby areas. To meet your needs, we strive to provide same-day services ensuring 100% satisfaction. Our annual water heater maintenance can prolong the lifespan of your system well into its later years.

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