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Are you keeping an eye on the water pressure and temperature from your household appliances? Is your water heater not meeting expectations? Our team of skilled technicians is ready to assess your system and provide necessary repairs or replacements to guarantee a consistent supply of hot water for your household.

At Triple Crown Plumbing, we specialize in water heater installation services tailored to Northern Kentucky residents, aiming to optimize utility savings for homeowners. With our experienced technicians, you can trust in safe and efficient installations. Explore our range of top-tier tankless water heaters and other quality products designed to elevate your daily comfort.

Our Installation Team: What You Can Anticipate

Replacing your water heater shouldn’t be stressful. As a local, family-owned business, we’re committed to ensuring every Northern Kentucky resident enjoys hot water year-round. Here’s what to expect when you choose our contractors for your next installation:

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Signs It's Time to Replace Your Electric Water Heater

Unexpected issues such as leaks, plumbing blockages, and corrosion can arise unexpectedly. While minor repairs can often resolve these issues, severe damage to critical components like the drain valve may indicate the need for a new water heater.

The signs of a broken water heater include the following:


Temperature Control Problems

Experiencing brief bursts of hot water followed by cold showers? It could signal issues with your water heater or plumbing. Let our team inspect your system to assess the damage and recommend any necessary replacements.

Spending Too Much on Repairs

Regular maintenance is crucial for your water heater's longevity. Yet, frequent costly repairs shouldn't be the norm. Consider investing in a new water heater from us, designed to endure for years with proper maintenance.

Water Pressure Problems

Don't let low water pressure become a hassle. Allow us to examine your water heater's pressure relief valve and plumbing setup. Blockages can diminish energy efficiency, impacting your showerheads and faucets' performance.

Older House Systems

As water heaters age, they may struggle due to rust, corrosion, or general wear. Upgrade to a new unit to boost energy efficiency and savings. Our team can install a reliable system ensuring prompt, ample hot water for your home.

Strange Sounds Coming From Your Plumbing

Unusual sounds like knocking, thumping, or rumbling from your water heater can signal damage. Consider upgrading to a new tankless system if you detect such noises in your plumbing.

People Want to Know

The best way to enjoy hot water is by investing in a reliable water heater from a company you can trust. While most installations cost thousands of dollars, our company can provide accurate estimates, so you know what to expect.

Like most home improvements, installing a water heater can be labor-intensive. Expect to pay for the sourcing and transportation of all plumbing materials necessary for your installation. Unlike some companies, we provide fair pricing and zero hidden fees for these services.

When desperate for hot water, trying DIY plumbing repairs and replacements may be tempting. However, water heater installation requires complex planning and execution, usually with more than one technician. 

Do not attempt these risky projects yourself. Instead, contact our trustworthy professional plumbers at Triple Crown Plumbing.

Comprehensive Installations When You Need Them

Ensure a steady supply of hot water today. We’re here to address all your queries regarding water heater replacements and plumbing maintenance, guiding you on when to schedule upkeep. Utilize our cost estimation tools to plan for your upcoming hot water installation.

Top-Rated Water Heater Installation Services Near You in Northern Kentucky

Why settle for ordinary water heater replacement companies when you can collaborate with experts? Our profound plumbing expertise guarantees optimal outcomes for your electric and gas water heaters. Whether it’s maintenance, installations, or repairs, we’re at your service day or night in the Northern Kentucky area.

Call us at 859.250.765 to schedule a water heater installation with our team at Triple Crown Plumbing.

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