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Sewer line installation stands as one of the most significant plumbing endeavors you’ll undertake. Therefore, it’s crucial to entrust the task to the most qualified experts available. Subpar work can result in a messy and uncomfortable situation for your home.

At Triple Crown Plumbing, we excel in this domain. Equipped with expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure efficient installation of new sewer lines. Understanding the unique nature of each project, our experienced team always devises the most cost-effective route to connect your home to the sewer mains.

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Our Full-Scale Sewer Line Installation Service

When it comes to sewer line installation, whether it’s relocating an existing line or installing a new one for a property, our service has you covered. Upon contacting us, we’ll conduct on-site evaluations and provide you with a free estimate.

During the evaluation phase, we meticulously assess the route for the sewer line, considering factors such as slope, elevation, and any visible or underground obstacles. Based on our findings, we’ll draft an installation plan and provide you with a detailed estimate.

Once you approve the estimate, we’ll handle the process of obtaining all necessary permits for excavation, covering both private and municipal land.

With permits secured, our team of skilled sewer line installation experts will commence the project, starting with excavations. Once the trench is prepared, we’ll proceed with installing the sewer line, ensuring a secure connection to the city sewer pipe.

Upon completion of the installation, we’ll backfill the trench, restore sidewalks, and carry out any required repairs to ensure the area is left in pristine condition.

Sewer Line Repair Versus Replacement

If you’re facing issues with your sewer line, you might be weighing the options of sewer line repair versus replacement. While one may seem less disruptive than the other, it’s crucial to ensure you’re making the right decision.

Sewer line repair is often the preferred choice when addressing minor issues such as a few holes or cracks in the line. However, if there are signs of significant damage to the pipe, sewer line replacement may be necessary.

Before reaching a decision, it’s essential to have a professional plumber conduct an inspection to accurately assess the condition of your sewer line.

At Triple Crown Plumbing, we offer two methods for sewer line repair: trenchless repair and traditional repair. Trenchless repair involves fixing the sewer line without the need for extensive digging, while traditional repair involves more conventional methods. We’ll recommend the most suitable approach based on the specific circumstances of your situation.

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Why Choose Triple Crown Plumbing for Your Sewer Line Installation?

Homeowners and businesses trust us for sewer line installations because we provide the following guarantees:

People also Want to Know

Sewer pipes can last up to 40 years. Factors that affect their lifespan include the pipe material, proximity to trees, corrosion, construction work, and more.

We recommend getting a sewer line inspection every few years to rule out joint failures, bulges, tree root damage, cracks, and more.

Regular inspection can help you prevent sewer line backup and costly repairs.

The city cannot fix the sewer line running from your home to the sewer main. As the property owner, it’s your responsibility.

The biggest cause of sewer line damage is tree roots that grow into the joints in the line in the search for water and nutrients. Other causes of sewer line damage include general wear due to aging, construction work too close to the pipe, and more.

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Seeking a customized sewer line that perfectly fits your home’s layout? Look no further than Triple Crown Plumbing. We specialize in simplifying the design and installation of custom sewer lines for both residential and commercial properties, ensuring long-lasting and durable solutions.

Contact Triple Crown Plumbing today at 859.605.3819 to discuss your sewer line installation project.

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